36th Annual Sea Music Festival

11th – 14thAnnual Sea Music Festival, Mystic Seaport, CT. Cliff is not in the lineup this year, but you really need to check it out if you have a love for the music! Then, when it’s done, The Jovial Crew will host our annual Monday night Survivor’s Night – come check out my band website for details – The Jovial Crew

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  1. Anne Whitney Yarnall says:

    Cliff – I asked you this several years ago and lost your emailed response. You played Fathom the Bowl and another song at the Essex Yacht Club after my dad’s memorial service in June 2007. I have many many times since then, thought of the “other” song and wished I had a copy. It was SO very appropriate and special that day. I believe the title was A Most Unusual Man but I could be way off. Anyway, you did tell me where it was recorded and I was unable to find it. Can you please let me know, one more time, the correct title and where I can search for it? I’m hoping that somehow the improved technology in the last few years will allow access to it. Thanks so much! …..PS Fathom The Bowl is still our family favorite since your early Griswold days! Thanks for that!

    • Joseph says:

      Ms. Yarnall,

      Cliff is away on holiday but I’ll get this message off to him and see if we can answer that question for you. Do feel free to check in! I’ll be at the Gris tonight as Monday is our regular show, even while Cliff won’t rejoin us for a couple of weeks yet.


  2. Joseph says:

    Hello Ms. Yarnall,

    Cliff tells me that he is fairly sure that the song you are speaking of is “Jock Stewart” – the link to the lyrics is this -> http://thejovialcrew.com/?page_id=4022
    If I can get a little time, I’ll make a sound bite of Cliff singing it and place it up with the lyric page sometime in the next week or so.


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