Going Home Song

Going Home Song – I brought this song back with me after one of my visits to England. I went to a festival in Liverpool and ran into an old singing friend who sang the song. He told me that it was written by Jim James.


In the night sky you can hear the geese cry
Time for the going home song.
The gull on the shore’s sailing homeward once more
Time for the going home song.


Travellers the wide world all over
may your star follow you through the night.
With the storm-clouds at bay at the end of the day….
then it’s time for the going home,
time we were getting home,
time for the going home song.

The fox on the dune’s lifts its head to the moon.
Time for the…
The shepherds an’ dogs wend their way with the flocks.
Time for the…

There’ll be peace once again over valley and glen.
Time for the…
When the mist from the sea spins it’s own mystery.
Time for the…

2 Responses to Going Home Song

  1. Frank Sellors says:

    Jim James was a well known performer in the Liverpool area back in the 60s/70s.
    He now lives on the east coast of the USA.

  2. Frank Sellors says:

    Here’s a Mudcat “thread” about the song.

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