Bide Awhile

By Tom Yates of Rochdale, England. I think he wrote this sometime in the 1960s. A true favourite of my performances.

The day’s full end is rounded out
And ends the working light
And I shall have all round about
The friendship of this night., to…

Bide a while, bide a while,
sit you down by me.
Bide a while, bide a while,
In friendly company

So bide with us just one hour to pass,
Before you think to part.
Allow the landlord fill your glass.
Let friendship fill your heart…..and

Use up the time you have to spend
With kinsmen you well know
So pull aside a chair, lads,
The time before you go ……..and

Come one, come all, for the parting toast
Is raised in fond refrain.
No matter who shall play the host
We’ll bide a while again…………so

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