Here are some random videos of Cliff performing alone or with his Jovial Crew.

A more recent performance of Old Maui – With the Swiss Mariners Chanteymen, 10 August 2022


From the gig at the High Nine Brewery in Deep River, CT. 5 March 2020


Company of Fifers and Drummers


Mystic Sea Music Fest – 11 June 2016






All For Me Grog – Mystic Seaport 2013


Geordie’s Lost His Panker


My Lady of Autumn

Derry Down, Down, Down Derry Down

Drunken Sailor at the Mariner Concert in Augst, Switzerland, 1986 – Cliff leading and on guitar

Kevin Brown’s “This Dreadful Life I’m Living”

Lowlands, Lowlands, Lowlands…

Grimsby Lads

Sammy’s Bar

Leaving of Liverpool

You’ll find a few more — sometimes with Cliff lost in a crowd of Jovial Crew members and fellow travelers, all aggregated in Joseph’s YouTube channel.

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