Time Ashore is Over

Composed by Bill Meek. The hardship of a sailor heading out with family left behind.

Words and music by Bill Meek

I’m standing on the dockside wall
Chorus: Sailing on the evening tide
Waiting for the skipper’s call
Chorus: Time ashore, bright hours ashore. Time ashore is over

And Sally’s watching as I go
Tear-filled eyes, two kids in tow

But what of her when I’m Iceland bound?
Will she be true or gad around?

For I can’t recall when she was mine
For more than three days at a time

I’ll think of her when the nets go out
Me heart is sure but me head’s in doubt

For when you’re trapped on the northern sea
It’s a thousand miles of uncertainty

Better men that I have lost their all
Through following this cursed trawl