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Folkways Records FH 5275Cliff throughout the album in conjunction with John Millar, and joined by Norman Ott, James Cagney Jr, Gary Martin, and Norma McHenry. This has been re-released on CD and is available through the following link…




Here’s a Health to the Man & the Maid – 1976

Living Folk Records, Cambridge,Massachusetts. No longer in print, although you might find an old copy through Ebay or Cliff sings some cuts along with David Jones, Clive Collins, Frankie Armstrong, Gerret Warner, and Nick Appolonio.





I Beg Your Leave – Track 1


The Man of Birnamtown – Track 7


The Lancaster Lads – Track 12



The Ancient Mariners American Fife & Drum Music – 1981


The Ancient Mariners is a dedicated fife & drum & sea song fraternity. This album is available now as a CD, but in an edited version from the original vinyl. See the following link…


Ancient Mariners “Crossin’ The Line” – 1994




Also available from the Ancient Mariner website. Cliff sings out and even plays a pressgang “bo’sun” in this storied 1994 release.







Roast Beef of Old England – 2000


This is an album recorded by Jerry Bryant, who’s “starboard Mess” consisted of Eric Bryant, Sheldon Campbell, Peter Contrastano, Cliff Haslam, Geoff Kaufman, Payton Turpin, and Ron Brosslein. One might obtain a copy through: or





20th Annual Sea Music Festival, Mystic Seaport – released 2000

Every so often, Mystic Seaport releases a CD of a particular Sea Music festival with a cut from every performer. The 1999 festival was released in 2000 with Cliff presenting one of his “signature” songs, Old Moke Pickin’ On A Banjo. Check with for information on this and other festival releases.





Ancient Mariners Chanteymen – Turning The Tide – 1993



Cliff was the catalyst for the forming of the singing group with the Ancient Mariners Fife & Drum Corps – The Ancient Mariners Chanteymen. This album is dedicated to our man!





This album below is a wonderful collection of gems for the collector of sea music recordings! I am not aware if it has been officially released on CD or MP3, but one might find a copy via Ebay. I have a copy I digitized myself and if you are looking for a copy, send me a comment request. Meanwhile, below is a sound segment of Louis Killen ripping out the tune Ten Penny Bit, followed immediately by Cliff singing The Dreadnought with a chorus of Jeff Warner, Gerret Warner, and Tony Saletan.

National Geographic Society 705 (LP, USA, 1973)

National Geographic Society 705 (LP, USA, 1973)

The Dreadnaught

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