Silver in the Stubble

This song was quite popular in the folk clubs I used to frequent in England. It was written by Sydney Carter, who is better known for his “Lord of the Dance.”

I had forgotten all about this song until I started growing a beard and noticed some silver sprouting through. I label this song “An Ode to a Dirty Old Man.”

Gordon Bok – cellamba


Early in the morning,
Hear the razor roar,
There’s silver in the stubble
And it wasn’t there before.

For the leaves are getting greener,
And spring is on the way;
Girls are getting prettier
And younger every day.

Silver in the stubble;
Winter in the wood.
Fare you well, you wicked world,
I’m going to be good.


Time to think of Heaven;
Time to think of Hell.
Time to go to church on Sunday,
Hark, I hear the bell.


But if any girl is willing,
She only has to say;
I’ll hang my halo on a shelf
Until another day.




2 Responses to Silver in the Stubble

  1. Lorraine Duprey says:

    I use to go to the Gris every Monday night to hear the Jovial crew and this was back in the 90’s, I have such wonderful memories of the Gris and I am looking forward to going back to see the crew again.

  2. Kevin Molloy says:

    A great song it was sung recorded in Ireland in the seventies by the Dublin City Ramblers sung by Patsy Watchorn on a. Albums feast of Irish folk

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