Matt Hyland

I’m not sure where I first heard this song. When I decided to record it, I was sifting through my book of songs and found the words which had been written down by Gordon Bok a few years ago. This ballad ranks high among the songs I love to sing.

Gordon Bok – cellamba; Tom Judge – fiddle; Bob Stuart – guitar


There lived a lord within this town
Who had a fair and lovely daughter
She was courted by a fine young lad
Who was a servant to her father
But when her parents came to know
They swore they’d drive him from this island
But the maiden knew that her heart would break
If she should part from young Matt Hyland

Straightway unto his room she goes
Unto his room for to wake him.
Saying, “Arise and go, my own true love;
This very night you will be taken
I overheard my father say,
In spite of me he will transport you
So arise and go, my own true love;
I wish to God I’d gone before you”

“How can I go,” he said to her,
“How can I go without my wages
Without a penny in my purse
Just like some poor forlorn stranger?”
“Here’s fifty guineas in bright gold
And that’s far more than father owes you.
So arise and go, my own true love,
I wish to God I’d gone before you”

Then they both sat down upon the bed
Just side by side for one half hour
And not a word to each other said,
But down their cheeks the tears did shower.
She laid her head upon his breast;
Around his waist her arms entwined.
“No lord or earl or duke I’ll wed;
I’ll wait for you my young Matt Hyland”

The lord came to his daughter dear,
One night alone in her bedchamber.
Saying, “I’ll give you leave to bring him back
Since there is none you sight above him.”
She sent a letter to him then;
For him her heart was still entwined.
She’s brought him back to the church in haste.
She’s made a lord of young Matt Hyland.

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  1. Joanne McCarthy says:

    Yes, this song is lovely and another one of my favorites from Clockwinder. I am glad you still sing it.

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