Leaning in the Wind

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“Leaning in the Wind” – July, 2012

The first of two albums which came out of a live concert earlier this year. Mostly songs of the sea. Joined by Joseph Morneault (vocals, tenor banjo), Tim Marth (vocals), and the Ancient Mariner Chanteymen (vocals) and a dedicated audience of devoted Cliff Haslam fans. This is now available!! 17$ apiece.


Recorded and mixed by Tony Thomas, TNT Productions and Bob Nary, Suite Audio & Video. Graphics done by our man Robert VanKeirsbilck and his Long Cat Graphics.


4 Responses to Leaning in the Wind

  1. Kitsie says:

    Cliff, this recording is what many of us have wanted for many years – a true legacy, and one of (if not THE) very best Sea Chantey recordings ever !!!

    ! THANK YOU ! – for this, and for the joy your singing has given us !

  2. Joe S. Brown says:

    Thank you Cliff for your journey across the Pond,
    To America you did come.
    You make songs of the sea a pleasure to hear,
    Mostly at the Gris they are sung.

    They are from the heart, there is no doubt,
    Each song a story is told.
    Please keep singing as long as you can,
    You are respected by the young and old.

    joe b

  3. lee says:

    song list for the newest cd, please couldn’t find it in the site


  4. Touched listener says:

    Awsome records. Soooo sea shanty these records and GREAT vocal. :)

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