She was one of the finest fishing schooners that fished off the Grand Banks. A friend (E-Bob we call him) gave me a CD by Ryan’s Fancy which was a group of Irish Lads living in Canada (now disbanded). He thought the song would suit my voice. I pinched a couple of other songs from the CD. The song is credited to David Martin.


CHO: Bluenose, the ocean knows her name
Sailors know how proud a ship was she-e.
Bluenose, leaning in the wind,
Racing every wave on the sea.

In the town of Lunenberg, down Nova Scotia way,
In 1921 on a windy day,
A sailing ship was born; Bluenose was her name,
Will we ever see her kind again.


The sails were snowy white; strained against the mast.
Spray blew high as she went rolling past.
And from the very first, Bluenose loved to run.
She loved the smell of sea and sun.


For 25 long years she ruled the northern sea,
Racing like a Queen on the tide.
But in the Caribbean one dark and stormy day,
She ran into a reef… and died.


Now just the other day, down Nova Scotia way,
In Lunenberg they christened a ship.
Just like the old Bluenose, to her very name,
Bluenose lives and sails again!

CHO: (2x)


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