Old Pendle

A friend lent me a tape of a singer named Roger Westbrook. I had never heard of him, but liked him after listening to him. He said this song was originally written by the two Lambert brothers to an Edwardian tune. Brian Osborne, of the group called “The Taverner”, wrote the tune that I sing here, and also added a verse.

Pendle Hill is a famous hill in the north of England. My mum told me that there is a book titled The Pendle Hill Witches; Pendle was the place where they gathered.

Gordon Bok – cellamba; Nick Apollonio – guitar & vocal


Old Pendle, old Pendle, thou standest alone.
Twixt Burnley and Clitheroe, and Whalley and Colne,
Where Hodder and Ribble’s fair waters do meet
With Barley and Downham content at thy feet.

Old Pendle, old Pendle, majestic, sublime,
Thy praises shall ring till the end of all time.
Thee beauty eternal, thy banner unfurled,
That dearest and grandest old hill in the world.


When witches do fly on a cold winter’s night,
We won’t tell a soul and we’ll bolt the door tight.
We’ll sit around the fire and keep ourselves warm,
Until once again we can walk in your arms.


Old Pendle, old Pendle, by moorland and fell.
In glory and loveliness, ever to dwell
Through life’s fateful journeys, where e’er we may be,
We’ll pause in our labours and oft think of thee.



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