Cliff for 45 Years!


While Cliff has been performing for FAR longer than that, he has been playing the Griswold Inn for 45 years! A steady gig for a folk performer is the envy of all of us in this genre, but that long! We, the Jovial Crew, are lucky and grateful to have been a large part of this!

The Cliff of today alongside the Cliff of 1972


“Forty-Five Years” • By Tom Callinan • © 2017 – Cannu Yusic, Ltd. (used with permission of the composer). My “Bio” page on our Crackerbarrel Entertainments website is:


Cliff Haslam – 45 Years at the Gris

A man of music, a man of good cheer,
Every Monday night at the Gris.
Year after year in The Tap Room,
Singing songs of the sea…He’s the best there is.


From across The Pond he did travel,
Leaving The Old Country far behind.
A path-way of work, home, and music.
Everything he does is sincere and kind.


The beat goes on in harmony
At the Gris or wherever he may be.
A friend to all who know him.
Cliff, you are a special friend to Joyce and me.

Joe Brown & Joyce Brown


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