Merry Christmas

From my Jovial Crew:

This has been a tough year for all of us. We’ve lost ones we love, all our gigs shut down, and while ZOOM can help with seeing people, there’s no current replacement for being together and singing our hearts out. Please may this coming year show more light, more happiness, and a return to a greater degree of normalcy. Our love to all of you, and as good a holiday as can be had!

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Thank you

Thank you all for your kind wishes and sympathies. It will be an adjustment and it’s a sad thing to go into the holidays with. But, I have family and all of you to keep my chin up, and we honoured my wife the best way we could today.

My love and gratitude to all of you.


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For Sandy

Photo by Gene Cartagena

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Autumn news

So speaking with Cliff, he – like the rest of us – is very sad for the continued issues with Covid and therefore the continued waiting for such things like our regular gigs, house concerts, and such to resume. What’s more, is that Cliff broke his ankle and is in a cast… 2020 really has sucked!! But our man is healing well and we all stay in touch, even if we cannot get together to practice. He sends his love to all of you and expresses his eagerness to begin singing again. Best thoughts for 2021!!

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This Saturday night is cancelled.

March 14, 2020 Matthew Byrne and Cliff Haslam – Cliff has called me to inform that the church that hosts these events has shut down all events until further notice. Please contact the BFMS with any further questions at

For more information call 203-488-7715

Email: or go to our website:

We recognize that we are in a time of increased risk of transmission of COVID-19 virus. The BFMS Board will continue to monitor the situation, but in the meantime here are recommendations to keep in mind:
• Please do not attend events if you are experiencing symptoms of illness, or if your own immunity is compromised. Otherwise, we rely on individuals to decide whether to attend, with respect to their own heal


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From the High Nine Brewery gig

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Branford Folk Society – 14 March 2020

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Branford Folk Society

14th of March 2020 – Saturday. Cliff will be sharing the stage with Matthew Byrne at the Branford Folk Music Society – 1st Congregational Church of Branford, 1009 Main St, Branford, CT. 8p start. Call 203.488.7715 for further details.

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Happy Christmas!

Wishing all of you a most happy Christmas and hopes for a better new year!


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The Jovial Two

This Friday the 15th of November! Cliff and Jos will be playing at Scottish Dave’s in Clinton! Slated for 7p, we really only get the stage at 8 or thereabouts. Good food, drink, company!

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