Sixteen Come Sunday

I learned this song from Norman Kennedy, one of the finest Scottish singers. He has been living in theUnited Statesfor quite a number of years now. “Seventeen Come Sunday” is an English variant of this song, and “As I Roved Out” is an Irish version.

Chorus – Gordon Bok, Rene Gilbert, Glenn Jenkins

As I gaed up yon hieland hill,
I met a bonnie lassie
She gave me a wink wi’ the tail o’ her eye;
Ah, faith, but she was saucy!

Wi’ my rovin’ eye, Fal a diddle die,
Wi’ my rovin’ fal do derry, Wi’ my rovin’ eye.

Where are ye gang, my bonnie lass?
Where are ye gang my honey?
Where are ys gang, my bonnie lass?
For ‘baccy for my granny chorus

What is your name, my bonnie lass?
What is your name, my honey?
What is your name, my bonnie lass?
They cry me Bonnie Annie. chorus

How auld are ye, my bonnie lass?
How auld are ye, my honey?
How auld are ye, my bonnie lass?
I’ll be sixteen come Sunday. chorus

Where dae ye sleep, my bonnie lass?
Where dae ye sleep, my honey?
Where dae ye sleep, my bonnie lass?
In a wee bed next to me mammy. chorus

Gin I was tae come tae your hoose then,
When the meen it’s shining clearly,
Will ye arise and let me in
Sae your mither would not hear me? chorus

Gin ye come doon tae my hoose then,
When the meen is shining clearly,
I’ll arise and let ye in
Sae my mither would not hear me chorus

When I got tae the lassie’s door,
I found that she was awaukened.
But long, long ere the morning came,
Her mither heard us talkin’. chorus

She went tae the grate tae poke up the fire
Tae see gin she would ken me,
But I shoved the auld wife intae the fire,
And bid my heels defend me. chorus

Oh, sodger, sodger, marry me noo,
It’s either noo or never!
Sodger, sodger, marry me noo,
For I am done forever! chorus

Come o’er the burn, my bonnie lass,
Blink o’er the burn, my honey,
For ye are a sweet and kindly lass
For a’ your cankered mammy! chorus


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  1. Greg Pastic says:

    Thank you Cliff, so very much, for posting the lyrics to this song as sung by the great Norman Kennedy! Móran taing.

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