Scottish Dave’s in Clinton, CT

In downtown Clinton, CT, at 24 E Main St, is where the old Driftwood Café had been and is now Scottish Dave’s Pub. They’re putting together a local folk scene and I have been asked to take turns with Marc Bernier on the stage – This’ll happen every other Thursday night from 8 to 11, starting this Thursday the 31st of July – come check out their Facebook page! And of course, every Monday at the Griswold Inn!

Come on down!

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2 Responses to Scottish Dave’s in Clinton, CT

  1. mike james says:

    Hi Dave,
    Mike James here in Port Townsend, Washington. I’ll be in your area early in October. Are there any open mic shantey sings on Wednesday, Oct. 8, 9, or 10? I run a shantey sing in Port Townsend once a month. See Thanks.

    • Joseph says:

      Hello Mike,
      This isn’t Scottish Dave’s Website so I doubt that he’ll see your post. This is the site for Cliff Haslam. If you were to be in the area on a Monday I would invite you to come down to our regular Monday night gig – not an open mic but we would be quite pleased to have you present a few and then drink a few on us. You can see the band sight at
      I am not aware of any open mic places that cater to music such as ours, not in this area; most are for classic rock or singer/songwriter performers in the style of, say, Cat Stevens or James Taylor – and their current generational equivalents. I’ll pass the word and see what’s going on in the area and let you know. Hope to meet you while your in the area!


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