House Concert and Branford Folk Society!

I am home from holiday and I’ll be back at the Gris on Monday the 7th. But I will also be performing a house concert at Janet’s on Saturday, 19 April… I hope you’ll come down, and I’ll get to sing some of my nicer selections that I don’t always get to perform while in a pub! Details from Janet are as follows…

“As usual, we will gather at 6:30p.m. for potluck supper; please plan to bring food or drink to share. We provide ice, coffee, tea, soft drinks. Suggested donation is $15, all of which goes directly to the musician. Music starts at 7:30. We will have dessert, coffee/tea at the break. All reservations (even if you told me in person!) are by e-mail at and of course ask for directions if needed; please let me know when you know what you are bringing so I can advise those who ask what they should bring. Feel free to pass this e-mail on to anyone you think might be interested, or to post it. ”


ALSO on Sunday the 27th of April

I’ll be performing along with “Rye Bread”, and “Stacy Philipps & Co.” at the Branford Folk Music Society for their dinner and a show night – not at the usual church location but at the Italian American Club not far from there. Check out their website for further information, at the top of their page… Contact them and inquire! And Pass the word to everyone you think would enjoy such a great evening out!

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